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  • Technology Driven

  • Developed with UK Government Funding

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Non-chemical, scale control by water conditioning has taken place for many years. There are a number of established methods such as magnetic, electro-magnetic, electronic and electrolytic. These technologies come with a wealth of jargon and explanations using words such as electrochemical, electrostatic and bi-polar etc.

  • All Physical Water Conditioners endeavour to control scale by non- chemical means. They condition the water such that the minerals that produce scale are held in suspension and wash through the system. This prevents the hardness minerals forming on the internal surfaces of the water system. However performance varies from system to system and from application to application. It should also be noted that few systems can offer any form of scientific explanation as to how they work.

How it works 

At Advanced Hydro our Chemists and Engineers developed the Advanced Crystallisation Process (ACP)TM over several years. The ACP is an Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor (ESI) and is based on proven scientific knowledge and understanding.  Numerous independent studies show that Electrolytic Scale Inhibition is the most effective water conditioning technology available. Electrolytic systems use a cathode and anode to release ions into the water stream. These ions act as the seed/nucleation point to keep the hardness minerals in suspension so that they harmlessly run to drain.

Zinc anodes have been used for many years in the marine industry for control of both corrosion and scale. During the development of the ACP Advanced Hydro Ltd called on the expertise of the MME Group, one of the worlds largest marine anode manufacturers. MME helped develop the anode material for the ACP and now supply our high purity (99.9% +) zinc anodes.


Scientifically Tested and Proven

Multiple experiments, research papers and comparison testing have concluded that Electrolytic Zinc release out performs all other methods of water conditioning scale control. The ACP has been thoroughly tested both in and out of the laboratory. In tests simulating hot water service systems in a building environment the ACP clearly demonstrated a significant reduction in the generation of hardwater scale.

A condition of the development funding was that the ACP demonstrated a very high level of performance in terms of scale control. This independent testing was undertaken by the University of Surrey a copy of the test report is available on request

Features & benefits

  • Scientifically proven UK design

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • 10 year product warranty

  • 1 Year customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Unit Sizes to Suit 0.3 to 40 l/s (1m to 145m3/hr) Flow

  • No power or maintenance required

  • Easy and low cost installation

  • Controls both scale and corrosion

  • Chemical free, environmentally friendly with no ongoing costs

  • Protects the whole system

  • WRAS approved

  • No commissioning or control panel required